Egg - The Civil Surface CD

SKU 23-Eclec 2003
Finally available again after much too many years and much demand from our customers. This was the third and final album by the trio of Dave Stewart-organ and piano, Mont Campbell-bass and vocals and Clive Brooks-drums. It was actually recorded a few years after the band had broken up, while Dave was 'riding high' with Hatfield and Virgin Records and Virgin gave him the opportunity to temporarily reform the band and record all of their unreleased material that they had developed after the release of their second album. The material was top-notch; their best, imo. The only issue was that they didn't really have a full album's worth, so they padded out the album by adding some wind quartets written by Mont, which, while they aren't exactly very Egg-like, are still quite charming in their own right. Guests include The Northettes, Steve Hillage, Lindsay Cooper, Tim Hodgkinson and Jeremy Baines and this is newly remastered and features notes by Mark Powell, who put this reissue together. This comes personally highly recommended!
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