Eldovar - A Story Of Darkness & Light CD

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This is a strongly psychedelic work that is a collaboration between members of Elder and Kadavar.

"The pandemic and its consequences bring a number of, mostly unpleasant, side effects. But sometimes this exceptional situation awakens a new perspective and creativity. Berlin’s Kadaver have already made their mark by coming up with ‘The Isolation Tapes’ relatively quickly.
This time, however, Kadaver is not doing it all alone. They have teamed up with Elder and joined forces. The result of this collaboration is called ‘ELDOVAR – A Story of Darkness & Light’. The sextet recorded six songs and put them on the new release, songs which elegantly buzz between classic rock and heavy rock. Provided with a slight prog impact all songs are quite well-done and show again the potential of both bands.
Music functions here as a distraction from all the unpredictability and obstacles of today, a turning towards a world in which amplifiers and sounds set the tone. Extensive planning was avoided here. There was no agenda and what can be heard on the album reflects spontaneity and the very moment. Without pressure from inside or outside, this record is based on the determination to create something and give free rein to ideas. This resulted in songs that are emotional and impressive, as feelings are transported in an authentic manner.
From Deep WithIn’ opens the series of songs and the name says it all. Song as well as album come from the deep inside, which is also reflected in the rather spherical sounds of the song. In between, the guitars reference Pink Floyd, which is even more evident in ‘Raspletin’. In the Way’ is another well-done song on the album which is calmer and has a certain folk influence. The track sounds like a folk-inspired Led Zeppelin piece and is a rich journey through exciting soundscapes. The whole jam session spirit and unboundedness of the album comes into play on ‘Blood Moon Night’. In eleven minutes Elder and Kadaver show what progressive rock is all about. At no moment boredom arises. Twists and finesse keep the tension and make ‘Blood Moon Night’ to a highlight on ‘ELDOVAR – A Story of Darkness & Light’. Rocking moments and a quiet middle part alternate and at the beginning of the second half heavy guitars make their way into the foreground. Heavy rock can not be interpreted better.
‘ELDOVAR – A Story of Darkness & Light’ is caused by the circumstances and would certainly not have come up in this form without a pandemic. But now that ‘ELDOVAR – A Story of Darkness & Light’ sees the light of day, you wouldn’t want to miss it."-Markus' Heavy Music Blog

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