Ergo - Quality Anatomechanical Music Since 2005

Really superb debut release by this very intriguing trio who feature Brett Sroka-trombone, computer, Carl Maguire-Fender Rhodes piano, Prophet synthesizer, electronics, Damion Reid-drums. They combine the modern sound of electronica and beyond with a healthy respect for jazz and adventurous jazz/rock, like Jaga Jazzist do, but with a totally different results. The basic building blocks of their sound are beats and electronics, trombone, the Fender Rhodes and drums. While not 'showoff-y' music, the general tone and sound was very accessible and interesting and this impressed the heck out of me when they sent the sample and I get something out of it with each returning listen! Recommended!

"Trombonist Brett Sroka, keyboardist Carl Maguire and drummer Damion Reid are all part of a generation for which Autechre and Sigur Ros are as pressing concerns as Armstrong and Sun Ra. That's certainly evident in the timbral sophistication, spacey contours and slinky grooves of the band's self-released debut CD, 'Quality Anatomechanical Music since 2005', the cause for celebration tonight."-Time Out.

"... fully incorporates other-worldly aspects of electronica, with Crimsonesque washes and colors that almost put you in mind of King Crimson. The three-piece band sounds much bigger than it actually is."-The Merrimack River Current
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