Evades - Black Mamba

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Marie-Christine Roy : Violon
Alain Filion: Guitare
Mathieu Rancourt: Basse, Contrebasse
Louis-Solem Pérot: Violoncelle
Roger Cournoyer: Ambiance, Batterie (4, 9)
Olivier Bussières: Batterie (1, 2, 3)
Olivier Forest: Batterie (5, 6, 7)

“Les Évadés (The Escapees) is a French Canadian instrumental five piece ensemble deserving of your attention. The band includes violin and cello in the mix along with standard guitar, bass and drums. While the music is categorized as ‘jazz rock’, I certainly hear more rock than jazz - at least don't expect anything frenetic.
The music has a very dark quality, a bit cinematic in nature. Lots of tension in their music that evokes the feel of the old Crypto label bands. Some ripping guitar spices things up but I'm continually drawn to the mournful feel I get from the violin. A band that should probably be considered for music festivals further south than Quebec. Highly recommended.”-Ken Golden [with some small corrections]

"Les Évadés is an instrumental collective creating a unique sound combining jazz, rock and world music since 2014. After their first album in 2016, the band is back as a collective in 2019 with their second album, "Black Mamba".
Merging a rock-influenced rhythmic section (guitar-bass-drums) with the lyricism and almost classical feel of a strings section (violin-cello), "Black Mamba" stands out by its hybridity. Add to that the effects and ambiances of the post-production, and you get a very original and colorful album with a precise identity."

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  • UPC875531016604
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