Brighteye Brison - V

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Linus Kåse - piano, synths, sax, vocals
Per Hallman - organ, mellotron, synths, vocals
Kristofer Eng Radjabi - bass, taurus, theremin, vocals
Johan Öijen - guitars
Erik Hammarström - drums

“The sound is unashamedly rooted in 1970s giants like Yes and Genesis, and they remind me a lot of the better moments of Spock’s Beard. The music is filled with lush synths and organ, and the guitar has a noticeably modern style of distortion to it. While the songs are often in progressive rock’s usual serious tone, there are lighter, fun moments sprinkled throughout.”-Elite Extremeophile

“Brighteye Brison hails from Stockholm, Sweden. Their music does have a distinctive Scandinavian vibe to it, for sure. The line-up here includes Linus Kåse (Änglagård) on keys, sax, and vocals; Per Hallman on keys and vocals; Kristofer Eng Radjabi on bass, taurus, and vocals; Johan Öijen on guitars; and Erik Hammarström on drums.
I originally started following this project with “The Magician Chronicles, Part I” from back in 2011. Yes, it has almost been a decade since their last album. I remember being attracted to the colorful music and the unashamedly nerdy themes, and that still holds true for this new release. This album may come across as a bit darker, though, and I will point out that the vocals are greatly improved, too, or at least mixed better into the overall sound of the album. The mix of the vocals slightly annoyed me on their last album, as it lacked real presence, but you will hear plenty of that on this record.
The music on this album is progressive rock to the core. I would say that the band seems more influenced by the likes of Gentle Giant and Queen, than by the usual suspects of classic prog rock, however. You will hear some vocal rounds, theatrics, and colorful synth, and most of all you will hear imaginative instrumentals that seemingly appear out of nowhere...
Brighteye Brison has returned with gusto, then, and the 8 year wait is definitely worth it. With Bad Elephant behind them, I hope we will hear more from them sooner rather than later. If you are a fan of progressive rock with theatrical twists, you will definitely want to hear this."-The Prog Mind
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