Fay, Bill - Bill Fay

Excellent reissue on Esoteric, overseen by Mark Powell, by singer/songwriter Bill Fay, who released two albums for Deram/Nova in 1970/71 and promptly dissapeared after they came out to total bafflement of the public at large. Why do these belong here? Well, this really is a very fine album in its vein; as the little sticker sez on the box "The missing link between Nick Drake, Ray Davies and Bob Dylan"-Uncut. But more to the point, this has arrangements for a 27 piece orchestra by the great jazz composer/arranger Mike Gibbs, and featuring a front-line band of piano & vocals-Bill Fay, electric guitar-Ray Russell, acoustic guitar-Richard Mills, bass-George Bird and drums-John Marshall and Trevor Taylor.
  • LabelEsoteric
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