Fitz-Gerald, G.F. / Lol Coxhill - Echoes of Duneden

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Found a few of these hiding in a warehouse. Long out of print. Last time ever on this wonderful release from the wonderful, now gone, Reel Recordings label.

"Gerry F. Fitz-Gerald is a Scottish born guitarist, possessed with kaleidoscopic imagination and commanding ability for improvisational music conversation. Lol Coxhill is a British legend, internationally recognized for his inimitable soprano saxophone sounds and situational performance art. Gerry's discography rests with his psychedelic rock masterpiece Mouseproof, a contribution for Guitar Solos II album (with Fred Frith, Derek Bailey, Hans Reichel), and Coxhill's Fleas in Custard record, while Lol's catalogue is now a published book. In 1975 the duo resided with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, welcoming unsuspecting audiences for "An Evening of Improvised Music and Confused Humor". The concerts were beautifully recorded, and Gerry edited the many hours of music at Tom Newman's barge studio, only to have the resulting program shelved by Virgin Records. These master tapes present Lol's soprano saxophone and Gerry's electric guitar with great accuracy and presence. This is eccentric music making, presented as Three Fairy Dances, brimming with buoyancy and painted with cohesive sound colours. Echoes of Duneden invites an intimate experience to the open hearted listener."
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