Flairck - Back Alive CD

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Pablo Ortiz (guitars and composition)
Joris Vabnvinckenroye (double bass and composition)
Jeroen Goossens (flutes, bassoon, and other woodwinds)
Anouk Sanczuk (violin and viola)
Zhazira Ukeyeva (violin)

One of the two composers in the new Flairck is Joris Vabnvinckenroye, the main composer for Aranis. While the sound and spirit is clearly Flairck, you can hear hints of the Aranis approach and the bassoon is a delight!
“But what do you mean, the new Flairck?”, I hear you say...
“In 2017 a new generation of musicians took the torch from the Flairck founders and opened a new chapter in the band's history. These new players follow the group's original spirit, but also add a new refreshing creative impulse.
“This is the first studio album produced by the band's new line-up and the first one to contain a selection of completely new compositions after many years. A clear sign for all the followers of this great cult band: Flairck is Back Alive!”

“Flairck is back with a completely new line-up. For many years Flairck practically was Erik Visser who was the only remaining member of the original line-up and wrote the vast majority of the material. A few years ago Erik Visser called it a day but Pablo Ortiz wanted to continue, with the approval of Erik Visser. He called in the help of Joris Vanvinckenroye (Aranis) and together they started building a new Flairck and also started writing new material.
The new material is fresh and energetic. The sound is still pretty familiar 'Flairck' but perhaps a bit more emphasis is on the compositions then on the virtuosity of the members.”-progarchives
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