Foundation - Mask CD (digibook)

Mark Smit - vocals
Rinie Huigen, Aad Bannink and Jens van der Valk - guitars
Gijs Koopman – bass and Taurus pedals
Sjoerd Bearda - violin
Judith van der Valk - flute
Jan Grijpstra - drums
Jan Munnik, Gijs Koopman and Ron Lammers - keyboards

This is a new band / project led by four original members of Knight Area (Smit, Hulgen, Koopman & Lammers) which is very much in the vein of the early Knight Area symphonic / progressive sound.

“One of the strengths of this album is that it is recognizable as melodic Symphonic Rock but musically it has its own style... Fantastic melodic, symphonic and neo-prog. Wonderful and vibrant instrumentation, complex and yet accessible, and with thoughtful lyrical content. The title track is a stunner, but there is so much more light and shade.”
  • LabelXymphonia
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