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“The Honningsvåg band Thule, which started in 1983, is probably marginally better known outside the world than here at home, as part of the Scandinavian new-prog movement which is still strong internationally. Still, despite a low profile at home, Thule's 1990 album Natt ended up on Morgenbladet's list of Norway's best record releases - even in a solid 54th place.
Natt was created during the dark hours in Honningsvåg, recorded on an 8-track cassette recorder. It is the sound of desperation, existential anxiety, anger, and precisely darkness - but also hope and beauty. A place where the sensual life of post-punk meets the structures of prog rock. Natt was album number two on the tiny Skiens label Colors, which also released prog rock giants such as Änglagård and Dungen's predecessor, Landberk.
In the album's handwritten liner notes, it is stated that it is a "crisis production", which probably reveals a bit of the musicians' state of mind when they recorded Natt.”

“Thule is obviously a very little-known band coming from northern Norway and they used to release their CD's on their own independant label just in a quantity of 1000-2000. Nonetheless I've been lucky to find this one here plus its two successors. The kind of music presented here is quite typically for bands coming from that area rather dark and somber but having as well quite a lot of lively and really freaky moments. Compared to "Frostbrent" and "Graks" sounding more like a type of "progressive goth rock" the songs on here still exhibit some more resemblance to 70's old school prog mostly due to the extensive use of organ sound which is presented in a brilliant way. Apart from that all musicianship is really flawless and especially Peer-Einar Pedersen shines no matter if he plays bass, guitar, harmonica or accordeon. This album is a highly diversified one and should certainly provide many enjoyable spins to both 70's Prog and modern art rock fans.”-rym
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