Freak Kitchen - Land of the Freaks

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Freak Kitchen is a amazing cross between technical metal and humor. The players are excellent and versatile; I wasn't able to make it happen as part of our Hollmer DVD release, but leader/guitarist Mattias Eklundh performed with Mats/Morgan Band and Lars Hollmer in 2008 and he just zipped through some of Lars' and MMB's fast material! This is for folks who like groups like Morglbl...but with an even crunchier vibe. I saw them play a gig with Morglbl and it was like seeing technical wizardry comedy night! Conditionally highly recommended!

"Europe’s best kept musical secret is a secret no more! Freak Kitchen is a progressive power trio consisting of three renowned virtuoso musicians: Mattias “IA” Eklundh (guitar/vocals), Christer Ortefors (bass), and Bjorn Fryklund (drums). The band was formed by IA in 1992 and since then they have conquered audiences around the world with their high energy performances. The members of the band are road dogs, performing constantly as Freak Kitchen and individually as clinicians. Freak Kitchen’s music is an amalgam of styles – equal parts hard rock, heavy metal, and progressive rock blended together with a healthy dose of Zappa-esque humor. Land Of The Freaks finds the Indian influence of the Art Metal project crop up in a couple of tunes due to the participation of V. Selvaganesh and Neyveli S Radhakrishna. Strings also come into play at times just adding another dimension to the band's usual craziness. It goes without saying that you can expect stellar playing through out. Land Of The Freaks is cerebral guitar driven progressive music that is essential for fans of Frank Zappa, Bumblefoot, and Steve Vai."
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