Otracina - Reality Has Got To Die

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"2010 release from the Brooklyn-based Experimental Rock trio. Reality Has Got to Die showcases the band's mind-blowing ability to evoke the timeless Space Rock magic of Hawkwind, the Prog improv wizardry of King Crimson, the fuck-yeah of early Metallica, and the synthesizer mind-warp of Tangerine Dream, all fused in a Krautrock state of mind. This musical journey through deep and heavy sound worlds envokes images of the emerald beyond and the darkest future alien universe, while also staying rooted in the tradition of Rock 'n' Roll's ever-winding history. But don't confuse this for faux-New-Age blabber--this is street-wise and from the gut, straight from the minds of three men living their art, sacrificing everything and manifesting a boundless sphere of music, ideas, and imagery."

"La Otracina might quite simply be one of the most amazing musical units on the planet at this time. Three musical psychonauts dedicated to the utmost explorations of psychedelic music. Presenting us with an amalgam of metal, stoner, electronica, jazzrock, free jazz, Grateful Dead like space excursions. And in the 20 min. title track all these elements blends effortless into a sonic masterpiece...Heartwarming and mindmelting that there still exists bands like this on our little third stone from the sun."-Bodhi Hereen
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