Laborator - Laborator

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French jazz/rock performed on guitar, keyboards, Warr guitar, bass, drums and vocals, who have ties to Moving Gelatine Plates.

"Laborator is a trio of multi-instrumentalists from the latest incarnation of Moving Gelatine Plates, one of the cult-bands of the French Seventies Progressive rock scene. Two albums were issued between 1970 and 1971, then bassist Didier Thibault reunited the group for an opus under the name MOVING in the year 1980. In the end, he reformed the band once again in 2006, to produce "Removing" on the Musea label. Today, Laborator presents its eponymous debut album, introducing a brand new music with various colours. Faithful to the sound and the typical rhythm breaks MGP was known for, the compositions go on a wider scale, sometimes bordering World Music. The three musicians perform on various instruments, aiming at melting acoustic sounds with electricity. Still defying any categorization, Laborator offers an open musical universe, full of original sounds, displayed by the infamous Tap Guitar, guitar-violins, xylophone-drums... The door of the laboratory is wide open !"
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