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A band that was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1972 from their performance in the "Festival de la canción" (Song Festival) with the song "Depois do porão". Karma was a guitar trio that played an elaborate rock style with folk and progressive leanings. The members were Jorge Amiden (former Terço member), Luíz Mendez Júnior(former Os Nômades) and Alencar Contant(Allen Terra). A peculiar characteristic of the band was the use of the "Tritarra" (a 3-handle guitar) by Jorge Amiden. They recorded an historical LP in 1972, which didn´t get much local repercussion but today is acknowledged as one of Brazilian rock gems. Since 1973, the band periodically changed its line-up until they disbanded definitively in late 1976. In those years, Gastão Lamounier (vocals), Paulinho Soledade (acoustic guitar), Antônio Cláudio (acoustic guitar), Rick (guitar, banjo), Chico Julien (bass), Áureo (drums) and Danilo Caymmi(flute) were members of Karma. This LP features the song "Tributo ao sorriso" (A tribute to smile), which Jorge Amiden wrote with Sergio Hinds when he was a memmber of "O Terço". It should also be noted that "O Terço" recorded a different version and took part in an international festival performing "Tributo ao sorriso", and they achieved the third position. We can consider Karma's sound as "progressive folk" and we are able to find in their music the typical roots of Brazilian rural popular music.
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