Noekk - The Water Sprite

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This is the offshoot of the goth/death metal group Embyrium, who faded out in 2002. The two guys behind Embyrium founded symphonic rock project shortly after and released this in 2005. It's solidly symphonic rock, but you can hear very modern overtones in the playing and the fact that these musicians came from the metal worlds; the way the drummer plays, the tone of the guitar, etc. Having said that, this is truly dripping with mellotron, even though it's crossed with something much heavier. As my pal Ken said, "the result is something that sounds like Wobbler crossed with Candlemass".

"This is my second- favorite release of 2005, behind Wobbler's Hinterland. Great 70's style progressive music with a hint of metallic guitar added for dynamics. The vocalist ranges between almost operatic to a sound similar to Ronnie James Dio that is very effective with this type of music. Remeniscent of Anglagard with more vocals and heavy riffs. Also some similarities to Agalloch without the death vocals. I found myself humming some of the melodies for days afterward, especially the cover of Dead Can Dance's "How Fortunate The Man With None" and a tune inspired by Tolkien, "TB's Notion." Every song is enjoyable, some quite complex (the title track) and others somewhat simple but very memorable. I enjoy bands that sound as if they are from the 70's without being so contrived. This German duo succeeds very well and puts down some memorable, artistic moments as well.Highly recommended along with the heavier follow-up The Grimalkin."-Jeffrey Eisenheimer

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