Wooden Shjips - West

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The third album by this popular modern space-rock/stoner-rock band. Lots of fun and their debut on Thrill Jockey, which should bring them even more fans!

"I became aware of San Fran's Wooden Shjips when a friend gave me a copy of Dos a year or so back. Since then, I've been pretty excited to see what these wooly space explorers would come up with next. West finds the Shjips treading the same droning echo-soaked path. If anything, West is a bit more upbeat than their previous work. That's about it. These guys realize that you don't fix something that isn't broken, and I for one am pleased as punch. The last track 'Rising' is backwards, which is something that you don't realize until about half way through. With this, the Shjips hammer home the importance they place on the groove of the tune. Lyrics, voice, even direction becomes secondary to the throbbing, driving steam engine of the Wooden Shjips. West is a grower of an album. At first listen, I thought to myself 'yeah, this is good... but as good as dos? Nah'... after a couple weeks, I've found West standing up to anything they've done yet."
  • LabelThrill Jockey
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