Zoambo Zoet Workestrao - Soap For Sweatshops

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Working and releasing records since at least 1993, this is their sixth album! They are a trio of guitar/vocals, bass/vocals, drums/vocals, with plenty of guests on violin, saxes, additional voices, etc. They are a totally smoking, avant punk/progressive group from Slovenia, who operate in a rev'd up way not dissimilar to Uz Jsme Doma and The Ex. I received a press release letting me (and you) know that one of the songs is a cover of two old 1936 Rebetiko songs mashed together and there's also a cover of a Macedonian gypsy hit, one song salutes Captain Beefheart (actually most of the CD salutes the Captain) and lastly the song St Pancake uses a local press report about the appearance of the Virgin Mary in a pancake! Fun, energetic music. Rock is not dead!
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