Galliard - New Dawn (remastered)

The first album by this rarity of early psych/progressive/jazz-rock/horn-rock/etc. who released two albums on the Nova series and whose albums are very rare and impossible to find until this reissue. Supervised by Mark Powell, you get great sound, good liner notes and more.

"Galliard is a sextet formed in the summer of 68, and developed a psychedelic type of brass rock, fronted by twin wind players Caswell and Smith and singer Geoff Brown. They recorded two albums on the Deram Nova label (the subsidiary prog label of Decca records) around the turn of the 70’s decade, when brass rock was the rage. Their first album Strange Pleasure By Galliard, released in 69, was quite eclectic, ranging from Medieval to Flamenco/Spanish music. For their second album New Dawn, wind player John Smith was gone, but the group adjoined a mega brass section of four player, plus keyboardist Morton. This second album sounds a bit different, but we are still roughly in the same realm even if the spectrum is enlarged to folk and Indian raga. While obviously a more eclectic affair New Dawn is the worthy successor of Strange Pleasure, which this sophomore effort gives much of as well and even more. Much more adventurous than its predecessor, New dawn has a schizophrenic quality as half the tracks are pure brass-rock, but the other half is completely eclectic, and thankfully so. This second album is much worth the proghead’s investigation and investment."-Hugues Chantraine/

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