Glandien, Lutz - The 5th Elephant (Mega Blowout Sale)

Booklets have "teeth marks" from the jewel case, otherwise all good."This album was born out of studio improvisations by Glandien with drummer Chris Cutler (Pere Ubu, Henry Cow, Cassiber), and avant tuba player Michael Vogt (Berlin Symphony Orchestra). Listening back to the tapes, the group agreed that the results were a failure. This did not stop them from ripping through a storming live set at Berlin's Anorak club the day after the studio session, but the general mood was that the recordings should be scrapped.
A year later Glandien decided to re-look at the material, and by isolating the great moments and re-making the music from those building blocks, something wonderful began to take shape. He spent the next 3 years re-working the material, and re-processing the music with his computer, giving birth to this highly compressed and dangerous work.
The 5th Elephant is an album of extremely aggressive, hypnotic, Gothic, Industrial techno, which sounds like the front cover looks - like the planet in Ridley Scott's Alien.
Lutz Glandien is a Berlin based composer whose mastery of the electronic studio, and freedom to move between genres at will is confirmed by this release. That Glandien is a contemporary classical composer just adds to the mystery, and his leaping across the genres celebrates the bizarre correlation of interests between classical electronic music and the techno underground."
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