Ossatura - Verso CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

“The second release from this abstract trio who mingle hard electronics with acoustic and processed percussion. A more focused, subtle aesthetic here, I think, than on their last also excellent - CD. These are finely tuned and seamlessly integrated sounds that have been crafted and, importantly, performed; this is essentially played music that had been painstakingly reworked, and bears still the deep qualities of interactivity and immediacy that created it.”-Chris Cutler

"Improvisation is the main raison d'Ítre for this Italian trio, who met in the mid 90's, and are now one of the leading groups on the international improvising circuit.
ReR released their first CD Dentro - a collaboration with ex Henry Cow man Tim Hodgkinson - in 1998. It was an extremely dense concoction, where blocks of sound were manoeuvred about like large objects on a building site. For their new album Ossatura have mostly abandoned the acoustic instruments which featured heavily on Dentro. Verso focuses on the electronic noise making gadgets they have built or acquired over the years. Without the ameliorating affect of 'real' instruments the sound is more stark, more elemental, and the textures are more open. It's a series of almost violent electronic interventions, in their words "highly dense sound events".
At times it's like being trapped inside the entrails of a sci fi computer game, as one is bombarded by sonic debris. At others the music settles into hypnotic repeating gestures."

"The extraordinary combination of free improv, electroacoustic work, music concrete and free rock, which was characteristic of their previous album, has now attained a deep synthesis, a pure distillation of sound"-Blow Up (Italy)
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