Goliath - Hot Rock & Thunder (special)

"A supremely talented 5-piece progressive hard rock outfit from Kentucky. Originally released in 1972 on the Bridges label. The band always tight and composed, storms through 7 finely-crafted self-penned songs with flair and originality."

"Goliath played a sort of southern style 'swamp rock', with a heavy metal/rock edge, while incorporating elements of progressive rock into their music as well. A close friend of mine from Indiana who has been involved in the music scene there, both as a studio engineer and a musician insists that Goliath are indeed from southern Indiana and not Kentucky, though they are neighboring States, divided by the Ohio river. Musically it's difficult to peg these guys accurately, because they can really confuse the listener. If you happened to be passing by my car and I had this album blasting away, you might think I was listening to some southern swamp boogie rock outfit like 'Hydra'. Then if you passed by a second time, you might think I was listening to some obscure 70's French synth/prog band like 'Carpe Diem'. I think Goliath enjoyed confusing the listener, and this might have been the source of their downfall. These segues and intros of piano and synth are prevalent throughout this album, and might turn some people off."

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