Sanders, Ric - In Lincoln Cathedral 2 x CDs (special)

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Great price on a appealing trio set performed on violin (Ric Sanders, known for his long tenure in Fairport Convention as well as for his short but tasty tenure in Soft Machine), guitar (Vo Fletcher) and percussion (Michael Gregory). This has a wide variety of styles of compositions featured, all of which are given a personalized and intimate treatment, special note must be made of their extraordinarily nice & unique 20 minute version of "In a Silent Way/It's About That Time".

"This unusual album comprises two CDs. The first is a conventional audio CD with 72 minutes of music, but the second is a multimedia mixture. The first five tracks (just over 33 minutes) are of binaural sound for listening to on headphones. Two tracks (nearly 18 minutes) are of DTS encoded sound, which will apparently play 'sensurround' on a compatible DVD player, but not on mine. Finally there is a 19-minute MPEG video which will play on PCs operating under Windows 95 or later or on Macintoshes. Ric Sanders' violin takes the lead most of the time and he is accompanied by Vo Fletcher on guitar and Michael Gregory on drums; Rick Wakeman plays piano on one track. Ric will be familiar to many for his playing with Fairport Convention, but this is 'other side' and quite different in style - if you've heard the reissued 2nd Vision album you'll know the sort of thing to expect. The source of the music is a mixture, varying from George Harrison (Life Itself) and Paul McCartney (Calico Skies) to Chick Corea (Crystal Silence) and Miles Davis (It's About That Time) via Jimi Hendrix (Little Wing) and Joe Zawinul (In a Silent Way). There are also compositions by Ric (A Lifetime's Love, Remembrance Day, The Rose Hip) and Vo (Threedom), and by Ric's Fairport colleague Chris Leslie (Tune for the Land of Snows). Although the style is essentially jazz, this is music that is better not labelled but enjoyed. The CD has grown on me with each listening, with some wonderfully atmospheric and uplifting sounds. You can sense the space of the cathedral as the violin soars and cries, resonating above Vo's inventive guitar and spurred on by a variety of gentle percussive sounds. The audio CD contains all the tracks, but only selections are on the second CD. I can't comment on the DTS encoded tracks as I have been unable to listen to them, but the binaural section is a good headphone experience. The video is worth a watch to get a feel for the performance in the cathedral at night, with an engineer creeping around in socks to avoid acoustic intrusion! The technology on the second CD may be inaccessible to some, so don't buy unless you're happy with what you're getting, but there is little extra cost and the audio on its own is pretty good."-Tim Edmonds

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