Strato Ensemble - Drawn Straws (artist-released CDR)

"In the fall of 2003, Dean De Benedictis, former keyboardist for Brand X yet better known for his electronic music as alias Surface 10, contacted fellow recording artists Giuseppe Patane (from rock band Maata Haari), Andrea "Jako" Giacomini (from rock band Socadia), and Takeshi Nishimoto (from progressive jazz duo I'm Not A Gun) to start a project. The intention of this project was to keep all of their chops up, while at the same time keep their sense of musical roots in tact as well. The result was an LA-based, improvisational-jazz ensemble yielding an alternative/progressive sound tenuously compared to that of Tortoise, Pat Metheny, Ozric Tentacles, and ECM jazz artists from the 70's and 80's. Fateless Music Records has compiled the ensemble's best jam sessions as a CDR release for 2007 called 'Drawn Straws.'"

Dean De Benedictis - keyboardist, programmer, Andrea "Jako" Giacomini - drummer, Takeshi Nishimoto - guitar player, Giuseppe Patane - bass player

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