Grand Sbam - Vaisseau Monde CD

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Here’s what YOU need to know: Le Grand Sbam is the latest from the amazing Lyon, France scene, and features two classically trained female vocalists + the great trio POIL + a vibraphonist/percussionist. Bang. Done!

Grand Sbam is a collective of creation, research and musical experimentation that defends living music in all its richness, complexity and universality. It brings together professional musicians from multiple and complementary traditions and practices (learned and popular, current and old, acoustic and electronic), mostly graduates from CNSMDs in Lyon and Paris, others self-taught.
Offering a varied instrumentarium, with a timbral subtlety rare, associating contemporary composers, classical and baroque musicians, rockers, traditional musicians and improvisers, each creation of Grand Sbam represents a unique experience, an aesthetic knot crystallizing the sum of influences and experiences of its members at a time.
The Grand Sbam, a geometrically variable ensemble, explores and clears an unbridled, fertile and unpredictable aesthetic ground, while resolutely adhering to a contemporary writing approach.
Mamcochon and Princess Goyaya keep the Grand Sbam’s Vessel World (Vaisseau Monde) in weightlessness thanks to their sweet and powerful voices.
They are assisted by four eminent specimens :
Acchiourdiou, the famous super-powerful percussionist pilot, known for her high precision worthy of an atomic clock.
El Glouton, greedy drummer with agile and independent members, more powerful than a black hole, who is also capable of improvising 30-part fugues.
Herr Bassone, 4-string soprano and bass guitarist, great master of heavy sound, he can make a lozenge vibrate.
L’Arbitre, great ubiquitous electro-pianist whistle in charge of unifying and tempering the multiple mind of the Grand Sbam.’

“WOW! This is a really new approach. Two i.m.o very good female singers offer precisely intoned melodies(?!) & voicings routed as well as integrated in contemporary operatic/chamber music. But this special kind of very dynamic chamber music here isn't executed by chamber musicians but by the electric (post-)zeuhl-prog-power-trio PoiL plus (at least) a vibraphone player. Take your time to explore & fathom it. Very, very rewarding!”
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