Relatives - Trans Europ Connection (Mega Blowout Sale)

"The British-Dutch band the Relatives have been around about 10 years, but are only known to a select few. The band, which was founded by the British bassist and vocalist Jack Monck (who was a member of Henry Cow, Syd Barrett's post Pink Floyd group and Delivery) and the Dutch keyboard player Willem Jan Droog started recording a CD which was never completed. Eventually there came a new creative impetus and their recent CD release has surprising and unexpected qualities. This CD is more or less dedicated to Syd which jazz fuses with pop and latin in a most pleasant way. All compositions are by Monck and Droog and the music shows Dutch influences of Willem Breuker, Michiel Braam and Bo van der Graaf. The strong interventions from the horn section Marc Hadley (alto sax) Kees Meijink (trombone) and Piotr Jutschenko (flute and tenor sax) (as well as drummer Mels Bol) make an important contribution to the successful realization of this production. This is a exhuberent, quirky CD from a band that should be heard by a wider audience"-Tom Beetz/Jazzism
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