Green Milk From The Planet Orange - You Take Me To The World

Fourth release from everyone's favorite very young Japanese noise/psych extravaganza experience!
"Two recordings from summer 2004 Portland, OR. almost representing a transition between "He's Crying Look" and "City Calls Revolution". Here we have another chance meeting of the Green Milk trio hanging with the Zig Zag man and smoking out two improvised, one take, no over dubs, recorded straight to glorious analog tape jams. “KillMeKillMeKillMe” leans toward the Rock In Opposition/Avant Rock space (fans of La STPO take notice). Speaking of space, “Away” continues GMftPO’s exploration with space, and the sounds in between said space until the THC kicks in and this my friend is where the psych fades in, blows smoke in your face and slowly drifts away."
  • LabelBeta-Lactam Ring
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