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"You wouldn't really call this free jazz, any more than you would suggest the Danes are trying to communicate the same feverish, Southern Baptist Christian-inspired devotions that gripped Coltrane... Which isn't to say that this is a hollow forgery. Spiritual significance resides in the ear of the beholder. Ragged energy can plunge any soul that's ready into the light. If Shiggajon's joyous noise gets you there, why fight the feeling?"-The Wire

"It's tempting to categorize Danish collective Shiggajon as a spiritual jazz ensemble. But while there's an element of ritualism present, there's also a postmodern tendency to absorb everything from Sufi music to krautrock and contemporary electronic drone. Heavily modulated guitar pedals and processed vocals accompany layers of flutes, strings, bells, and percussion as the most natural thing in the world. It's the kind of music that demands openness and surrender. These two long, multi-layered, cacophonous pieces occasionally come off as slightly abrasive and dissonant, but ultimately the music is a process resulting in joyful catharsis and healing."
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