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Fine Danish band with a wide-open, jammy sound, just like their electric big brothers Causa Sui, but much more acoustic oriented. There's songs but also a lot of instrumental parts that showcase the players. This is very warm and inviting music; it doesn't sound like Causa Sui, but it does sound pretty great!

"Hailing from Denmark, Sun River is a three-piece consisting of Martin Rude, Jonas Munk and Jakob Skøtt. Their music is based on finely-woven guitar compositions and Martin's gentle vocals. With thorough eclecticism, Sun River picks up various threads from the last 45 years of guitar music -- from the experimental open-tuning fingerpicking of John Fahey and Leo Kottke, through the sound of late '60s Los Angeles (think Tim Buckley and Love, especially), to the more present genre-blending of Chicago post-rock (Jim O'Rourke & The Sea And Cake). There's a free-flowing, almost jazzy vibe present on this debut album -- no doubt in part due to the fact that guitar player and producer Jonas Munk as well as drummer Jakob Skøtt normally spend their time in respected instrumental psych outfit Causa Sui. But the group also finds the time to indulge themselves in delicate pop tunes throughout the album, where Martin's sun-drenched songs are bathed in chiming guitars, multilayered vocal harmonies and put into motion by Jakob Skøtt's distinctive and animated drumming. Overall, the album is saturated by a dreamy, chilled-out atmosphere, with the production emanating a warm and natural glow, allowing the room it was recorded in a prominent place in the mix. One can almost smell the wood of guitars and drums and feel the warmth of glowing amplifier tubes when listening to this album. This is the kind of music that's perfect for summer afternoons, or for driving somewhere, or nowhere, in twilight. These nine compositions invite the listener to join the flow and roll gently towards the sun."
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