Grobschnitt - Die Grobschnitt Story 1 : 2 x CDs

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This was originally released nearly 20 years ago by Eroc, and consists of previously unreleased live and studio recordings, but it has been out of print for a decade; nice to see it available again!

"We are writing the year 1994 and it's time to tell a story - the story of a band and the history of their time. For those who took part in it, and for the ones who never had the chance to do so and would give anything to experience how the spotlight's turned on for the legend among the bands of German Rock History. They were the best. They were indescribable. Never again a non-commercial German band managed to crowd the places with audience like Grobschnitt did with their unique performance combining music and theatre, adventures and fun, and dream and reality. This new issue of The Grobschnitt-Story was remastered with the latest technical achievements and now finally transfers the recordings of our long history how it always was intended."

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