Taylor, Gregory - Dua Belas

SKU PoL 03 2010
I don't know anything about Taylor, but I gotta say that this is one of the very best ambient sound CDs I have heard in a very long time.

"dua_belas' title — Indonesian for “the twelve” — and tracknames hints at what awaits within before even the first moment that separates it from silence: imagined territories of otherness. Although Gregory Taylor returns to the tunings and reticulated surfaces that marked his first Palace of Lights release Amalgam: Aluminum / Hydrogen, this collection live and studio work constitutes varied interwoven vignettes that describe a new and different landscape altogether — a postcolonial steampunk orchestra of the Royal Courts whose graceful retinue of real/virtual/analog/digital synthesizers accompany a shadow play of appropriated tales that shimmer, grind, twist and morph in the humming air."
  • LabelPalace Of Lights
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