Leimer, K. - Degraded Certainties

SKU PoL 01 2010
"Extensively manipulated audio files, layered elements combined from multiple versions of shared sources, edited, reshaped envelopes and extended periods of dust collecting resulted in six pieces of minimalist / process music. Layered by arbitrarily ordering differing tone clusters at differing durations then articulated by differing voices degraded certainties uses signal reprocessing as the principal technique in determining the music’s timbre and form. Ranging in temper from the elegiac “hommage” to the steady-state “angoisse” and the referential “allotropy”, degraded certainties abandons drone and ambient by emphasizing fuller contrasts, shifts in character and a deeply detailed soundfield. With contributions from Gregory Taylor and Taylor Deupree."
  • LabelPalace Of Lights
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