Leimer, K. - Lesser Epitomes

Another handsomely packaged album of ambient music by this U.S. pioneer of the style.

"Lesser Epitomes is process music for active or passive listening. The pieces are derived from the aleatoric reordering of discreet, compatible musical components in relationships that emulate typical theme and variation. The end results were reprocessed into deliberately modified versions or left as is. The three principal pieces are indexed for random shuffle during replay. Such random reordering is recommended. Principal voicing for all the pieces derive from "Nine Approximations" which is built on cello, viola and oboe. "Nonadaptive Layers" and "Naïve Music" utilize fragments from "Nine Approximations" in addition to signal reprocessing, field recordings and synthesized voices."

"Taken as a whole 70-minute body of music or dissecting the 21 individual parts, Lesser Epitomes is a textured collection of sound that has much more to offer than most releases in the electronic/ambient/drone genre. In other words, there's much more than your standard background music here. Pull up a chair on your front porch the next time you have a clear, starry night, pour yourself a nice glass of wine, crank up Lesser Epitomes, and let your mind roam."-Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility
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