Guru Guru - Rotate

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“When Guru Guru was founded in 1968 in the year of the student revolt, everyone would have reaped a weary smile that would have predicted that Guru Guru would still exist after 50 years, or have played a decisive role in shaping the music scene during that time.
Today, Guru Guru is one of the longest-serving bands on the planet, along with the Rolling Stones, and Mani Neumeier and his gurus stand for rock music that has survived all trends and fashions and that still goes beyond borders today. That sounds exciting, and it is, because Guru Guru vouch for the adventures of the horns, which they prove again after 50 years on the new album.
Also on "ROTATE!" (the 32nd album in the long band history) Guru Guru pull back all the stops and are stuck as always in no drawer. It fits the title "ROATAE!" proverbial like a fist to the eye, because Guru Guru have never shown musical stalemate in their long career, but were always on the lookout for new galaxies and experiments.
Like Guru Guru on "ROTATE!" prove once again that you are still one of the founders of progressive rock music today. And who would have believed that Mani Neumeier, co-founder of the legendary Krautrock & Enfanterrible of German rock music will put his feet up in the old-fashioned recliner, has been mistaken. Even in the 50th year of their long band history, Guru Guru, unperturbed by the mainstream, go their own way, but they have always gone.
Guru Guru - they were not just - no - they are still unique!”
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