Haden, Charlie - Liberation Music Orchestra

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This has an unbelievable cast: Charlie Haden, Don Cherry, Bob Northern, Paul Motian, Carla Bley, Dewey Redman,Gato Barbieri, Roswell Rudd, Michael Mantler and many more!

"A fascinating reissue that comfortably straddles the lines of jazz, folk, and world music, working up a storm by way of a jazz protest album that points toward the Spanish Civil War in particular and the Vietnam War in passing. Haden leads the charge and contributes material, but the real star here may in fact be Carla Bley, who arranged numbers, wrote several, and contributed typically brilliant piano work. Also of particular note in a particularly talented crew is guitarist Sam Brown, the standout of "El Quinto Regimiento/Los Cuatro Generales/Viva la Quince Brigada," a 21-minute marathon. Reissue producer Michael Cuscuna has done his best with the mastering here, but listeners will note a roughness to the sound -- one that is in keeping with the album's tone and attitude."-AllMusic
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