Halvorson, Mary / Kirk Knuffke / Matt Wilson - Sifter CD

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“Mary Halvorson is involved in so many side projects it's hard to pick a favorite ; until now. Sifter, her trio with Kirk Knuffke (cornet) and Matt Wilson (drums), has created one of the most inviting discs of the year with its self-titled debut. The compositions are concise. The themes are hummable. The solos never venture too far from home, and yet conversely it's a highly adventurous recording.
This album is loaded with surprises, as on ‘Back and Forth,’ where the main theme goes up and down and Knuffke plays in and out. ‘Forever Runs Slow In Cold Water’ features Sonic Youth-esque crescendos and chord progressions. ‘Vapor Rub’ features Knuffke and Halvorson in a short duet that appears to be completely improvised; and a robot rock stomper called ‘Utility Belt’ closes the disc in dramatic fashion. Above all, this disc is Fun. It contains a track called ‘Don Knotts’. This band is called Sifter. They have just released one of the best albums of the year.”-Tom Burris / Free Jazz Blog
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