Golia, Vinny - Take Your Time

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“The disc begins with, "That Was For Albert 10," Golia's tenor wrapping around Bradford's smearing trumpet for a repeating fanfare over the free range drums of Cline and the rambling pulsations of Filiano. Suddenly, the band contracts into "straight" time playing, just ahead of a dual solo by the two horns. Bradford finally breaks loose for a few laps around the field before Golia erupts with a massive tenor solo full of long lines broken up by well-timed screams.
"Otolith" has a vaguely middle-eastern melody over bowed bass and roiling drums. Filiano gets in the first solo, a dramatic arco demonstration of bow manipulations and moody discourse. Golia and Bradford play written material and create improvisations around each other, occasionally pausing to let the other carry on.
"On The Steel," is the high point of an album full of them. It features a sparring, rhythmically charged theme that ricochets from horn to horn in an almost mocking display. Golia's soprano races scales up the neck, while Bradford's solo is more measured and taut. Again there are long sections of remarkable dual improvisations--eventually bass and drums lock into an ecstatic free-bop groove that takes the whole piece to a higher level.”-The San Diego Reader
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