Moondoc, Jemeel / Connie Crothers - Two

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“I must confess this is my first exposure to Crothers' music. What is most attractive to me is the obscurity of her antecedents. With words, Crother's makes sure you know of her debt to Tristano. Sonically, there is additional debt to Cecil Taylor, Thelonious Monk and Andrew Hill. Certainly you'll hear others, though probably not any one clamouring atop the other. Whoever you hear, you will hear them assimilated by a consummate musician and wonderfully able operator of the instrument.
Moondoc intrigues for the same reason. While there is absolutely the influence and input of the great alto players of the day in his sound and approachùI know I hear some Jimmy Lyonsùthere is just as much skewing of the lineage through his own Moondoc's own invention. In a life devoted to ‘This Music,’ Moondoc has given us a lasting reading of the alto saxophone's emotive power. Two is a reference point we can forever refer while, under the auspices of Art, continued reinventions of the horn lead it and us ever further into a barren wasteland of toneless exhalations and protracted silence.”-Stan Zappa / Free Jazz Blog
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