Abrahams, Chris / Magda Mayas - Gardener

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“Gardener starts with a track that is just over a minute long. "Song of the pylon", had me more intrigued than riveted and was followed up with a 15 minute brain teaser "The changes wrought by the recurring use of tools" where harmonium, harpsichord, and piano are used to create an almost jack hammering effect where both musicians, who are credited with all three instruments, throw themes, fragments of ideas, and phrases at earth other at a dizzying pace.
There is some greatness on Gardener like when their musical thoughts run parallel with each other such as on "Ash canopy" and "Surroundings" and thus making for some great listening moments. These really are two great and forward thinking musicians as well as working visionaries hence their output both individually and collectively should be listened to.”-Philip Coombs / Free Jazz Blog
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