Halvorson, Mary - Reverse Blue CD

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Mary Halvorson-guitar
Chris Speed-sax
Eivind Opsvik-bass
Tomas Fujiwara-drums

“Halvorson is a highly inventive composer and improviser, playful, yet fierce when she needs to be, with a knack for oblique melodies and rhythmic hooks which her crack New York quartet knock in and out of orbit.
Reverse Blue's ten tracks feature some genuinely lovely tunes alongside some ingenious twists, with Halvorson wrapping her fingers around pretty Baroque figures, Moroccan modes, wiggy harmolodic runs and even the odd billowing power chord.
Saxophonist Chris Speed is a graceful foil, while drummer Tomas Fujiwara continues to impress with his sensitivity, energy and invention.”-Stewart Smith / The Quietus
  • LabelRelative Pitch
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