Hammill, Peter - None of the Above CD

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His 23rd. That's quite an achievement beyond the fact that it's also a really good one!

"A quite beautiful album, though much underrated by fans. Each song here has a strong narrative - tales within songs. Love lost and celebrated in 'Naming the Rose'; a man's obsession with a younger woman in 'How Far I Fell'; domestic violence in 'Like Veronica' and is that a hint of the novel 'Perfume' contained in 'In A Bottle'? Hammill has always had a strong narrative inclination but here it's at its most fully-formed. The album is veiled in a textured, filmic production, the rich tenor of Hammill's voice presented here more vividly than perhaps on any of his other albums. Backing vocals come and go, drifting in and out like veils of mist, lead vocals up-front, filling the screen, Hammill almost a narrator rather than a singer, leading us through the stories. An excellent cover, too, appropriately like a little notebook showing the composition and drafts of the lyrics in Hammill's distinctive spidery scrawl. Listen in and be carried away into other worlds."-Stephen Andrews
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