Hodgkinson, Tim - Onsets

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This is five pieces by Tim in strictly 'modern composer' mode, with all the pieces composed between 2000-2010.

"I am a composer and also an improviser specialising in clarinets and lap steel guitar. After studying anthropology I taught myself music by being in bands. When I compose I write for sounds and then for instruments. I try to make something that is adequately eventful for our crazy time. I think I am writing for our time and the listeners who must authentically inhabit it. Real music happens when ideas are outrun by events."
1. Ici-bas (for ensemble and electronic sound) 18:06
2. Ulaaraar (for bass clarinet and strings) 9:33
3. Amhas/Nirriti (for ensemble and electronic sound) 16:53
4. Jo-Ha-Kyu (for string quartet, harp, trombone, synthesizer & glass) 15:56
5. Attaot (for ensemble and electronic sound) 8:53
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