Holland, Dave - Extensions

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"This is the best new (not classic) instrumental jazz recording I've purchased in 20 years. It came out a decade ago so, nothing better ten years before it or after. And it holds up perfectly after a decade. It's hard-edged jazz, maybe acid-jazz, I don't know. Rock and jazz listeners with both likely enjoy it. The rhythms employed on some compositions are intricate and complex beyond belief yet they remain accessible. Kevin Eubanks demonstrates that, despite his hot and cold success as a leader (and despite renditions of "Stairway to Heaven" or whatever on The Tonight Show) he IS one of the most innovative living guitarists. Steve Coleman divides the meter so well you lose track of whether he's playing ahead of the beat or behind it. Unbelievable."-Casper Rosewater

Dave Holland-bass
Steve Coleman-alto saxophone
Kevin Eubanks-guitar
Marvin Smitty Smith-drums
  • LabelECM
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One of the best jazz records of... the 80's ? The last 30 years? The last 40 years? Yes, yes, and yes. I recommend that you shut the doors and concentrate on "The Oracle". It will be a very rewarding 15 minutes!
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