Howlin’ Wolf - Rare Wolf 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is a great, great set, but it is not what it says it is. The subtitle is ‘Chess Records Outtakes, Demos, Alternates 1948-1963’, but since Wolf’s first recordings are from 1951, that is obviously not so.
So, what is here? A lot of previously released (but only on ‘collector’s labels and collector’s compilations’) alternates and outtakes and etc from about 1953-1963. These are mostly lp releases NOT released by Chess, that I actually had no awareness of until I started researching what was actually on this set and where it came from.
I know my Wolf pretty well, and I had not heard or had most of what’s on here and I have an awful lot of Wolf and basically thought I had everything from the critical 15 year period of 1951-1966. I didn’t. Maybe NOW I do!
So... this is not essential to understanding Wolf, but it’s still some great stuff.
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