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Icarus - The Marvel World of Icarus

SKU 05-WH016
"First time on CD for this sought after British prog collectable. Although it had all the trappings of an exploitation album, The Marvel World of Icarus was created by an actual band named Icarus. The band was infatuated with the heroes of Marvel Comics and came up with the misguided idea to create a concept album based around the various characters. This was all done with the blessings of Marvel - in fact Stan Lee takes a writers credit for "The Fantastic Four". Although the band gigged quite a bit the album sank like a stone and has been an expensive rarity since then. Each track is thematically about a different hero - "Spiderman", "Hulk", "Thor", "Captain America"...well you get the idea. Although John Ethridge is attributed to the band, he actually joined after the album was recorded. The music falls squarely in that proto-prog sound: lots of organ splashes and wild guitar solos all compressed into short tracks. The vocals have a bluesy gruff quality which contrasts with the goofy lyrics about the son of Odin. This set comes with 5 rare bonus tracks including 2 that were never released before. Copious liner notes and photos are included."-Ken Golden
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