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"Indifferent is only the second studio release from Japanese symph-rockers Interpose+, but quite a bit of history lies behind this group: formed in the mid-1980s by guitarist Kenji Tanaka and drummer Katsu Sato, Interpose performed in a variety of incarnations through the early 1990s but kept a live presence only — not even an EP release materialized before the core of Tanaka, Sato and bassist Toshiyuki Koike called it a day. A decade later, circa 2001, the three ran into each other at a showcase and decided to give it another go. Delving back into the retro-symphonic sound the band appropriated in their last stages, the eponymous Interpose+ (no reason why the name has been amended) arrived a mere four years later, characterized by Tanaka's sterling lead guitar work and the edgy vocals of new recruit Sayuri Aruga. It was also Koike's final bow; his void has been filled by KBB bassist Dani until the band lands a new bassman — all gain, no loss there. Also, the departure of keyboardist Ryuji Yonekura led Tanaka and Sato to Nobuo Watanabe, perhaps the most skilled Interpose+ keyboardist to date. Aruga, whose visage is as pleasant as her voice, instantly coaxes comparisons to the myriad other Japanese symphonic female-fronted outfits past and present, like Pageant (still arguably the best of them all), Ie Rai Shan, Magdalena, Wappa Gappa, Kalo, etc. Paired with Aruga's very capable pipes, the band's compositions are at least going to push ahead of those of the last three. Tanaka's chordings have the bite of a Ghidorah head; Watanabe's piano and synth lines provide a colorful counterpoint to the former's role (but darn those ubiquitous Korg 'boards). Watanabe's free-jazz piano solo on "Man From The Forest" is certainly unexpected and welcome. "Dayflower" is an ear-pique with a boisterous intro and equally sudden descent into calm dictated by Aruga. "Heliopause" opens with a positively slammin' fusion part anchored by Watanabe's faithfully dirty organ sample. As with "...Forest," the middle section is rather unconventional for a symphonic retro-styled band. "ALIVE" is a mellower pastoral affair with deft drumming and a nice "digilog" synth solo. More memorable moments manifest further and further in; whether Tanaka's leader or not, the payoff must be credited to the entire team. Aruga and Watanabe have proven themselves quite valuable. With modest bits of avant-prog and generous helpings of fusion, Indifferent at the very least secures Interpose+ a major foothold in the landscape of bands of their ilk. The next release could very well be one of the most important symphonic releases Japan has produced this decade, provided there are no catastrophic changes in the line-up!"-Elias Granillo/Sea of Tranquility
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