Jack O' The Clock - Night Loops CD

This is the fourth album by this Bay-area based band who have gone far beyond their avant folk/Americana roots to something more rock and more weird and definitely more dark.

For my tastes, this is their best effort yet, and this from a band whose previous releases were all pretty great anyway!
Damon Waitkus - voice, guitar, hammer dulcimer, etc.
Emily Packard - violins, voice
Kate McLoughlin - bassoon, voice, recorder
Jason Hoopes - bass, voice
Jordan Glenn - drums, percussion, mallet percussion, voice
Bobby Akash - log drum
Art Elliot - pipe organ
Karl Evangelista - electric guitar
Ivor Holloway - tenor and soprano saxophones
Sarah Howe - voice
Josh Packard - cello
Jonathan Russell - bass clarinet, Bb clarinet, birdcalls
Eli Wise - vocals
Cory Wright - clarinet, baritone saxophone

"A record of great genius! Think early Van Dyke Parks meets...nah, forget it, think Damon Waitkus meets an extraordinary gang of accomplices and delivers.... Amazing production. Extraordinary compositions. You need to hear it."-Fred Frith

"Jack O' The Clock, drawing American folk, contemporary "art music" and progressive rock together in under one unlikely banner, has been beguiling the genre police since 2008."

"Simply labelling it 'Americana' or 'contemporary folk' doesn’t come close to unpacking the density and complexity of these intricate structures, which thread the listener through alternative histories of American musical history with as much verve, daring, and intellectual passion as Van Dyke Parks...It’s like hearing some of my favourite 'Old Timey' fiddle and guitar records...updated with compositional ideas worthy of a Stockhausen or a Boulez."-Ed Pinsent/The Sound Projector

"Jack O’ the Clock presents a fine lesson on what it means to write songs that are at once approachable and human while simultaneously being incredibly profound in terms of timbre, depth of emotion, and harmonic complexity."-Matt DiGiordano/Progulator

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