Jaggery - In Lethe CDEP

Young Brooklyn band based around the voice and acoustic piano of Mali Sastri, but also includes acoustic bass and drums. Singer song-writer? Yes, but pretty weird singer-songwriter stuff, with influences from jazz and maybe world music and definitely other 'left-field' things. Different for us, but also very good and worth hearing for sure! "Jaggery is a New York City-based musical collective whose unique array of songs and sounds create an otherworld both enchanting and disturbing. Described as an "exotic musical mobile," the band weaves together the ethereal with the raw, beauty with terror. Swirling, ambient atmospheres collide with dark jungle grooves; hypnotic and haunting lullabies stand beside furious, mixed-meter rants; tightly woven compositions in odd time signatures give way to layered, textural improvisations. It all makes glorious sense to this diverse lineup of musicians, brought together and fronted by songstress Mali Sastri, whose soaring, feral vocals, lyrical keyboard playing, and innovative songwriting lie at the core of the groups' eclectic repertoire. Instrumentation includes Raky Sastri's whisper-to-thunder drumming, Daniel Schubmehl's unique cajón-based percussive style combining African groove and breakbeat, Jesse Sparhawk's sparkling classical harp and effects-drenched electric guitar, Tony Leva's deft, funk-tinged upright and electric bass, and Laura Mann's smoldering backing vocals. All these disparate, seemingly opposing musical elements create a kind of avant-garde acoustic electronica, and an onslaught of beauty, that, to quote one fan, will 'make you miss a past lover you never met.'"
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