Peeni Waali vs. Schildpatt - "Sha"

Those of you with long memories and/or large Wayside record collections will remember Victor de Bros, who started his career with Debile Menthol and later released a couple of great, eccentric dub and reggae influenced albums under the moniker Peeni Waali (no, I don't know why or what it means). After a long silence, he's back under the Peeni Waali name, although the music here is very different from what he's previously released. This sounds a lot to me like a really good, Bill Laswell-directed world-music-jazz-dub-whatever mash of musics. Lots of players and instruments here, all of which are clearly listed on the sleeve and none of which you've ever heard of, so I won't spend 10 minutes typing it out. But, if you like Bill Laswell's work, I think this is similarly interesting in how it combines a lot of things in unusual and fun, musical ways and I think you'll like this.

Victor/Fizze felt that I got some facts wrong (which I did). He sent the following email which I am including here for people who want to know more about him, his background and his work:
"I must a bit 'correct' the explanations: I didn't start my career with Debile Menthol (I started a good 10 years earlier!... :-) and sold them the first Albert Marcoeur album, when they came to my record shop... ), but sure I did help them (e.g. produce "Cadutta Massi"), often share a venue with them but playing in different constellations and tour with them later (just as a helping roadie) and - of course - I'm befriended with all of them, which was why I participated in Momo's Nimal and Cédric's Ensemble Rayé recordings, as much as they played on my albums. I was also very close at the time to drummer Dizzi with whom I made my first two albums (Kulu and Manoeuvres). Actually, I helped them set up their own recording facility. When I upgraded from 8-tracks to 16, I sold them my 8-track machine and so on. But I wasn't really a musician member of Débile Menthol. I was more like a helping friend... And 'Peeni Waali' is the jamaican word for fire-fly, stands - obviously - for light, hope and trust and those things, which I found a good 'logo' as 'signature' to accompany 4 CD's in this 12-year's composition cycle.... SHA still holds some known personalities like Lars Hollmer, LKJ, Rico and - especially - top shot organist Barbara Dennerlein (world poll Nr. 1 organist since about 10 years...). Anyway, nothing to brag, the music'll tell better...."

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