Jansen, Steve / Richard Barbieri - Lumen CD

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Steve Jansen-drums, percussion, synthesizers
Richard Barbieri-keyboards, synthesizers
Mick Karn-electric bass, saxophone
Steven Wilson-electric guitar

"Lumen is a recording of the only concert ever performed by Steve Jansen/Richard Barbieri, from 1st November 1996.

Performing songs from the duo’s 'Stone To Flesh, Stories Across Borders' and 'Beginning To Melt' albums, the show was recorded at the Milky Way as part of the famous Dutch Magazine OOR’s 25th anniversary celebration. Jansen and Barbieri were joined on stage by Mick Karn and Steven Wilson.

Although the concert wasn’t intentionally recorded for release, after hearing back the direct line stereo mix, Jansen and Barbieri decided it contained elements that brought the studio versions to life in a unique way. There were no options to alter anything from the 1996 mix, but pleased with the recording, the duo released it as a limited edition run of 500 cassettes in the late 1990s. This is its first release on CD. All that is heard on Lumen is what happened on the night, warts and all. Lumen is, in every sense, a true live album."
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