Juzz - Juzz CD (expanded)

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Rosolino Marinelo: saxo tenor
João Mortágua: saxo alto en Lamento Fuzz
Virxilio da Silva: guitarra e composición
Álex Salgueiro: Hammond B3
Xan Campos: Rhodes
Felix Barth: baixo
Iago Fernández: batería

Reissue on CD with two extra songs of this album released, only on LP format, in 2018 by the Galician (Spanish) band JUZZ. An unlikely, but more than successful, cocktail of progressive jazz rock seasoned with RIO suggestions, stoner avalanches and post rock and free jazz fury. All flavored with the elegance of the Canterbury scene.

"Together they create a kaleidoscopic and bombastic sound mixture, dilated and enriched by superb individual moments, but also with a common approach, thus creating eclectic raids, sometimes heavy prog moments, but overall brilliant themes. This is a brilliant album, and with these two new compositions, it is only even stronger and more complete.”Goran Čabrajić, New Dawn Of Prog
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